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Cookies & Privacy Policy

At Edes we understand and respect that your private and confidential information wants to be kept safe and secure. We will treat your personal and private information with the highest standard of security. We will never sell nor pass your details on to others - all details: banking, email, home address and any additional information is tightly secured with, and only, us!

Our new website means you are in control of which cookies you use. Our website will deliver its best, and provide you with its great service when all cookies are enabled. Unfortunately without them you will limit your shopping experience, and we won't be able to resolve any issues.

What are cookies?

Cookies are a tiny text file obtained by your computer when you visit websites. The file contains information which enables us to maximise our level of service, and provide you with a greater shopping experience.

What do cookies do?

Cookies will enable you to add and keep track of what's in your shopping basket. As you browse our website, the cookies will record the areas you have visited and how long for. In addition to this it will also look at the products you have looked at and what you have purchased. All of this information is incredibly important to us, as we use your results to improve our services so that you can experience the benefits.

Are cookies safe?

Yes cookies are harmless. They will have no effect on the wellbeing of your computer, nor affect the safety of your private and confidential details.